Adam J. Hill quote the results of my article “Teoria e Softwares vs Realtà: Misure degli effetti di pedane e palchi su configurazioni cardioidi gradiente”, as a valid contribution to its original research.

Some time ago I wrote two articles on this Blog on the effects, in Reality, of stages on   subwoofers’ arrays directivity and frequency response with a specific focus on effects on cardioid configurations.

These are the two articles:

the first:

the second:

They were born from years of practical hurricanes and studies of cardioid configurations behavior in real environment. At one point I came on these articles:

and others, which represented for methe confirmations to what up to that moment I had directly experienced.
Once again, the AES Library turned out to be a precious mine of informations and researchs.
These documents have been recalled in the mentioned my articles. 

In addition to the quoted arguments of the papers i wanted to report in my articles, the personal and parallels researchs on the topic, carried out during practical days of my workshops and training courses.

It was a great pleasure for me to learn that Adam J Hill, author of the above researchs, has read and appreciated my work.

As he himself writes in his latest article on his blog:

my measurements demonstrate an even more inclementary Reality, even in the one of a small platform home-maded in a outdoor situation. 

Yes, the effects of stages can be very drammatic.

I like to remind you of the contributions made to this researchs by Mr Emiliano Di Marco and Gabriele Rocchi, carried out during real live indoor concerts . I’ll send you back to the last part of my article for their contributions.
These two estimated italian sound engineers were present at the researches object of my article and have enriched the study with their own results.

The articles have received great feedbacks in terms of readings and appreciation throughout the world.

I refer you to the Adam Hill blog.




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